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  • Harrelson's Own Anxiety Relief Sublingual Spray

    Harrelson’s Own

    Harrelson's Own Anxiety Relief Sublingual Spray - 20 ml

    Harrelson's Own Anxiety Relief Sublingual Spray was designed with the goal of facilitating a full spectrum emulsified water soluble system for immediate absorption. Created to promote peace, tranquility and well-being there are countless benefits of...
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Harrelson's Own Hemp is an organic full-spectrum hemp in refreshing oral spray. Harrelson's Own Nano Technology is designed to get into your bloodstream quickly, so you can start feeling its effects in a few minutes. The dfference between Harrelson's Own Hemp and the Hemp of other manufacturers is that Harrelson's Own products are subjected to a patented process that helps making their product rich in CBD. This hemp contains high concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, proteins and co-factors which makes it effective on major health problems.

Harrelson's Own Hemp uses the highest quality CBD in their whole plant extract. Their CBD is never isolated or refined, which can deplete the beneficial oils and other compounds found naturally in hemp plants.

Harrelson's Own Hemp is analyzed by a third-party laboratory that has been on the scene for decades, and considered to be one of the best in all industries. Harrelson's own hemp is tested for potency, bacteria life, heavy metals and pesticides so you know exactly what goes into every bottle of our delicious product.